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            COVID-19: LATEST UPDATES

            Oakland University is committed to taking all measures within its power to protect those on our campus from this public health threat.

            OU establishes TEAM: The Engagement And Mobilization group to support community

            The group is supporting delivery of services to those in need of health care, food, housing and social support, among other immediate needs.

            Face-to-face instruction suspended through April 25th

            A update from Oakland University President Ora Hirsch Pescovitz.

            OU launches 'Strive For 45' advocacy campaign

            In an inspirational appeal to galvanize support for the state’s public university students, Oakland University President Ora Hirsch Pescovitz unveiled “Strive for 45: Invest in Student Success.”

            Mindfulness: a mental health tool for challenging times

            Practicing mindfulness has many research-backed benefits, including reducing stress and emotional reactivity, while boosting focus and working memory.

            OU names Carl Leone as head coach of varsity esports program

            Carl Leone has been named head coach of the Oakland University esports program, Director of Athletics Steve Waterfield announced on Monday, March 30.



            Summer Classes

            Register Now
            Saturday, April 18, 苹果彩票pg59
            Tuesday, May 05, 苹果彩票pg59
            Saturday, May 30, 苹果彩票pg59
            Tuesday, June 02, 苹果彩票pg59
            8:30 AM - 5:30 PM
            • Oakland University cultivates the full potential of a diverse and inclusive community. As a public doctoral institution, we impact Michigan and the world through education, research, scholarship and creative activity.

            • Oakland University offers 277 degree and certificate programs with more than 19,000 students currently enrolled. A public university situated on 1,443 acres, OU spans two thriving cities, Auburn Hills and Rochester Hills, in southeast Michigan.

              Overachievers thrive at OU. Students conduct research as early as their freshman year, gain global perspectives studying abroad, compete in Division I athletics, lead student orgs, perform on stage and learn without limits.

            • In 1957, Matilda Dodge Wilson donated her estate to establish what is now Oakland University. The estate includes the National Historic Landmark Meadow Brook Hall, which Matilda built with her second husband Alfred Wilson from 1926-29.

              Matilda was inspired by steel pioneer and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie, quoting him that she wanted to provide "ladders upon which the aspiring can rise."

            • 143

              bachelor's degree programs

            • 130

              doctoral, master's degree and certificate programs

            • 17

              programs offered in Macomb County

            • 19,000+

              students enrolled in fall 2019

            • 3.5

              incoming freshmen GPA

            • 15.6%

              increase in overall enrollment in the past decade

            • 810

              international students

            • 106K

              alumni with 72% living in Michigan

            • 18

              NCAA Division I men’s and women’s varsity sports programs

            • 40+

              countries where students are studying abroad

            • 300

              student organizations

            • 3,000

              students who live in on-campus housing (19% of student population)

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